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For 12 years, we have been offering top dollar scrap car removal solutions in Sydney NSW.

Whether you just don’t use the vehicle anymore or it simply doesn’t work, no matter the condition of the vehicle, we’ll take it, and give you good cash for it too!

We don’t only pay cash for cars, we also take trucks, sedans, 4X4, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

If you want quick cash for your vehicle, contact Ani Auto today!
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    On The Spot Sale
    Our customers can enjoy the convenience of a swift on-the-spot cash sale. We’ll come and collect your vehicle, you will have the cash then and there!
    Any Condition
    Whether your vehicle is a little rusty or completely won’t start, you can have peace of mind knowing we take vehicles in any condition!
    Up To 50K
    Depending on what kind of vehicle you have and the condition it’s in, we offer up to $50,000 cash sales for vehicles.
    Industry Experience
    With 12 years of industry experience, you can rest assured Ani Autos will offer professional and efficient cash for cars service.

    Ani auto is the best in town they came the same day I called and gave me the best customer service and an amazing price for my old car.

    - Azhar

    Ani auto really showed me that they are the best in town they have Great prices great customer service and they come on the same today Thanks for the best customer service.

    - Jack

    Got cash for my unwanted car in Sydney. Best cash for scrap car service so far! Thank you.

    - Steven M

    Cash for Cars in Sydney
    Take Advantage of Our Cash for Cars in Sydney Offer
    If you’ve got a vehicle that you don’t use anymore, capitalise on cash for cars in Sydney. It’s an effortless method of increasing your cash flow and helps you get rid of vehicles that are too old, can’t be repaired and are occupying space in your driveway. Ani Auto is a company that serves Sydney and gives cash for cars.
    How the Process of Cash For Old Cars in Sydney Works
    Essentially, a service that offers money for old cars is paying you for your junk vehicles. It’s a convenient way for you to remove old cars without having to transport them yourself or be concerned about the paperwork. A reliable business takes care of all those details and eliminates the stress.
    • When you’ve come to the decision that you no longer want your vehicle, you contact one of the members of our team or fill in the form. Thereafter, you provide us with as much information regarding the vehicle such as the make, model, year of manufacture and the current condition.
    • Upon receiving the information regarding your car, we’ll assess the vehicle and put together an offer. A team member then contacts you and communicates the offer to you. Should you accept the terms, then we’ll arrange for the final step.
    • Finally, we’ll send our team over to your address to pick up the vehicle and personally deliver your cash. You receive a sales receipt from us for your records as proof that you’ve parted ways with your vehicle. In terms of the documentation, we’ll take care of it, including cancelling the registration.
    If you want to get rid of a car without any financial gain, you’re more than welcome to call us to fetch it at no cost to you.
    What To Expect from Ani Auto Regarding Money for Cars
    We’ve been assisting people in getting rid of their unwanted vehicles for over 15 years and are still meeting our clients’ needs. Our car for cash in Sydney service has gained traction over recent years with more people deciding to declutter their driveways.
    • There is no condition that we do not remove. Whatever the state of your vehicle, we can take it off your hands. Apart from sedans, we take on trucks, SUVs, vans, jeeps, buses, motorcycles, utes and 4x4s.
    • The amount of money we offer is mainly dependent on the type of vehicle and the condition it’s in, but we can go up to $50,000. However, we will offer you a price on the spot if needs be, providing you with instant cash. We try to pick up your vehicle within an hour of agreeing to the deal.
    • As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we make payment via other methods if you’re not comfortable with cash. We’re always striving to complete the process as quickly as possible as we don’t want an old vehicle hovering over your head.
    About Ani Auto
    As a leader in the industry, we remain committed to providing superior customer service at all times. From our highly skilled and professional staff that you deal with when they arrive to fetch your vehicle to providing you with a reasonable cash offer for your vehicles, we put our customers at the forefront of our business. We’re aware that you’ve invested your money into buying and maintaining a vehicle through its lifespan; hence, our goal is to return to you a fair amount for an old vehicle.

    We are one of the top three businesses in our industry, especially for the prices we offer. Contact us to take care of your old vehicles.
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