Professional Car Wrecker in Sydney

There comes a time when we all have to face reality and realise that the old car rusting up in the driveway, garage, or even worse, the garden, needs to go. Whether it sustained damaged in an accident or just old and rusted up, it is time to sell it to your local car wrecker in Sydney.

At Ani Auto, we pay good cash for dead cars. With more than 12 years of industry experience under our belts, we are the trusted professionals when it comes to motor vehicle recycling in Sydney.

The Importance of Recycling: Why You Should Sell Your Dead Car to Ani Auto

No matter how good your intentions are with the old dead car sitting in your driveway or garage, chances are you are never going to find the right parts, the time, or the budget to eventually get it running again. Holding on to it in the hope that you will, only delays the inevitable and takes up valuable space on your property.

  • Every day that your old dead car sits in the driveway or garage, it becomes less viable for recycling and more expensive to fix. The elements wreak havoc on exposed metal bits, and the plastic components become brittle with age. Wiring tends to be chewed up and destroyed by rodents and carpeting and seats slowly rot away.
  • Dead cars can pose a danger to kids, and can even become a breeding ground for pests like rodents and insects. In addition to rusted metal and brittle plastic, kids can easily disengage brakes by accident and before you know it, be rolling down the street.
  • By letting us take your wreck off your hands, you are not only getting a wad of cash on the spot, but you are also doing your bit for the environment. Nearly every bit of your car, from the wiring to the aluminium and steel components are recyclable and used in the manufacture of other products.

What You Can Expect From Ani Auto Regarding Cash for Wrecks

We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient, necessary service to the communities of Sydney. We have firmly established ourselves as local leaders in the motor vehicle recycling industry, serving our customers with honesty and integrity.

  • We offer fair prices for your wrecks. We are not bargain hunters and will pay you what the car is worth. You will be hard pressed to get a better price elsewhere.
  • We will collect your wreck the same day. Most of our collections occur within the hour. We will collect the vehicle and relevant paperwork and leave you with cash in hand.
  • We follow al the correct processes and procedures regarding the purchase and demolition of your vehicle as required by law.

About Ani Auto

We are a prominent motor vehicle recycling company, serving the greater Sydney area. If you have an old car, bike, 4×4 vehicle, ute, truck or bus that you need to get rid of, we are the company to call.

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