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Free Car Removal
Have you got a vehicle that’s damaged beyond repair?
Don’t want to have to pay to fix it? Don’t have the time to get rid of it?

Look no further than Ani Autos for free car removals!

You can have peace of mind knowing we’ll come and collect your damaged/unwanted vehicle for free!

When it comes to free car removals, that’s exactly what we mean. You won’t have to pay for towing or have to worry about removing it yourself. All you have to do is let us know what kind of vehicle it is, where you are located, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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    The Process
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    Call us or fill in the form to let us know what kind of vehicle you have and where you are located.

    Get Cash For Your Vehicle

    Free Removal
    Once we’ve organised a pick-up date and time, we’ll come out to your location and remove your vehicle at no cost, hassle-free!

    Get Cash For Your Vehicle

    Do You Have A Vehicle You Want To Get Rid Of Fast?
    Get Quick Cash For It With Ani Auto!
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    What Vehicles Do We Take
    We take a wide variety of vehicles, including:
    Sedans Vans Buses
    Trucks SUVs 4WD
    Light trucks Utes Motorcycles
    4X4 Jeeps